LANGUAGE OF THE BIRDS creates effortless clothes and fun home goods using sustainable business practices. While our prints are cerebral and even a little hermetic, our manufacturing is straight forward and transparent.

Is this just more greenwash?

No, not at all. We practice ethical production. We are transparent about our sourcing on every product page on our site. We want you to know where your things come from and who made them. We do as needed multiple small batch production runs to cut down on inventory waste. We package with recyclable and compostable materials.

Where are your clothes made?

Apparel is made in the USA. Fabrics are printed by three different independent textile printers, all use eco-friendly dying processes. Almost all fabrics are silk-screened in Rhode Island and in Los Angeles. Apparel is Cut & Sewn in New York City and North Carolina. Tee shirt blanks come from Alternative Apparel. We follow the principles of slow fashion. 

Also…the trays are manufactured in Finland.

Who designs your prints?

Prints are designed in house by our team. Bespoke textile design is our raison d'être. Every print tells a story. Read our print stories.

What’s up with the Hawaiʻi/New York thing?

Like Hawaiʻi or NYC itself, it’s complicated. The brand started in Honolulu and the ties there run deep. But currently the international headquarters are located in pastoral Upstate NY. Founder Tsia Carson is a fifth generation New Yorker and brings a sharp graphic print sensibility to our Hawaiian infused dress forms. 

Where can I see your things in person?

Please patronize our stockists who all work very hard to offer you an incredible selection of independent designers. Or come to our store/studio in Catskill NY to see us in action.