Language of the Birds is a clothing label that combines comfort and ease with attentive design and responsible manufacturing. The inspiration behind the label’s creation emerged when New York native Tsia Carson travelled to Hawai‘i a few years ago. Not only did the visit spark a deep affection for the islands, and necessitated a move to Honolulu for a number of years, but it also recast all the garments she’d love to wear—mu‘umu‘u, kappogi pants, holokū—in a new perspective. But Language of the Birds isn’t about parading the same tired tropes of island attire. Much like the mythical languages of medieval Europe behind its name, the brand is built on attentiveness to detail and design that conveys a message—often subtly with layers of meaning. The clothes take their cue from folk garments that have traveled the oceans for centuries. Equally thoughtful in scope, production is deliberately done in small batches—ethically and sustainably with trustworthy partners and collaborators. The result: Clothes that can be worn and appreciated for years to come.

Language of the Birds was started by Tsia Carson. Tsia has been a partner at the design firm Flat for the last two decades where she solved interactive and branding problems for a broad spectrum of clients including MoMA, Deutsche Bank, The Annenberg Foundation Trust at Sunnylands and Loeffler Randall. She has authored two critically acclaimed craft books  and been a visiting lecturer/critic at Yale and RISD in their graduate graphic design programs. Tsia attempts to splits her time between Hawaii and the Hudson Valley.